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Question - Market

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    CardVilla Kidz micael's Avatar
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    Nov 2020

    Question Question - Market

    I don't know if it is the perfect category for this topic .. I want to ask:
    nexuspaycjnhjkwh.onion and kv2jprfi7lopapjbzyp7opl7tslk43ctscsfe3vk463hbm2xjh 3cfmqd.onion is legit? I searched and they do not appear in the scam list .. Someone who bought after these 2 sites?

  2. ShadowCarders

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    They are fucking scammers
    Only legit one i know is my friend idk how the fuck he able to do it but ima say he is a real fucking ****** but he ask me to pay him whenever i want to use his cc -_-

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    I have a cc but idk how to use it im fucking scared man

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