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New carder side hustler how do u do ?

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    New16 New carder side hustler how do u do ?

    Been jumping from forums to forums trying to build business relationships with ppl especially noobs tryin make it.

    I am working on a burner phone to be able to use the telegram platform and the all popular ICQ.Its been a rough start but happy to say at least i have the software and hardware to get goin attempted my first online carding and failed its a learning curve id really like to do if someone can link me to a good tutorial or would be so nice to helping me achieve this.

    If you're from Canada send me a pm we can add each other and help each other succeed. I believe in honor among thieves so if that's you're belief don't be shy.

    i have been absent from computers since the early 2000's wtf happen to icq lol since when do we need a cell number to register i joined irc in a old channel i am still in the database in the mobman days.

    netbus,subseven were trojans back the...
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