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Seeking cash out partners via ach+routing

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    Cool Seeking cash out partners via ach+routing

    Here's a summary: To be able to make the transfers, I need a PoS, eCheck, or similar system. I enter the fulz bank's routing # + the checking account number, and they payment posts, and clears.

    The turn around for a possible reversal, which doesn't always happen, is within 24 - 72 hours. This means that once the money hits, it needs to be transferred out asap.

    ATM, what I'm looking for are those who have a way to receive funds via checking and routing numbers from my fullz. With my method, I have even been able to send out more than what the accounts have in them.

    I prefer to work with someone who has a PoS, or can accept eChecks. These are the only ways, so far, that I know my methods work, so I want to work a few of these, before I next try to do bank drops.

    Be able to transfer them out within 24 hours. Some have been able to do so with 72 hours, before a potential reversal, but I figure 24 hours to be safe.

    How I've used this, so far, in my testing, is to pay off credit cardz via the checking and routing. Like normal, it takes about 3 days to clear, and the cardz show the payment has posted. Then, it's often reversed within 24 - 72 hours. That is the time frame to transfer the funds from the posted payment out of the burner. Using different banks, it's still working. I can't say how long.

    Here is an example:

    I go to

    I log into the account created on fullz.

    I use the routing number and checking account of ful, to pay balance of CC.

    I haven't tested as to if this will work outside the US, so if you're wanting to help test, I'm up. Keep in mind, I've only worked US systems.

    I'm looking to connect with people who can receive and transfer out, split 50/50, XMR for me, and they do whatever with what they got. Whatever crypto you generally use, please convert to XMR.

    When replying, or a DM, let me know if you have a site/portal set up, or if you have a PoS for me to enter the routing and account info, as I prefer PoS, or an eCheck option. If not, please explain your preferred method(s).
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