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[BUY / SELL / API] CVV From Former Jewel Thief.

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    Feb 2023

    Visa [BUY / SELL / API] CVV From Former Jewel Thief.

    Hello everybody my name is Larry Lawton and im former jewel thief, time goes on and now I'm Selling CVV from sniffer.

    My Domains:

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    3akwh4rhlaxyijdtscmsjc2zsd3f2jb76puymxd3vgoqfk6va7 udnzad.onion

    Rules of service:
    -For Bases with REFUND , refund is automatic when decline code is returned.
    -For Bases with NO REFUND , refunded by ticket IF SUPPORT IS ONLINE, allowed to refund 2-3 cards from each NOREF DB, in 5-7 minutes, if you don't like this db -> don't buy ccs from this db after reaching a limit
    -If you have REFUND Rate more than 35% -> NO REFUND BASES without REFUND for you.

    Looking for partners in CC Sales:
    -Minimal batch size is 150СС, Percent is 75% for minimal portion
    -From 80% -85% for constant suppliers.
    -Minimal required valid is 70%
    -Individual options for setting a price by bins,countries,
    -Sales stats and almost 24 hour support,
    -If You have good valid and quantity we offer Super conditions.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    We have an affiliate program , invite a friend and get 10%

    Мы говорим по русски.

    Other topics:
    vf/showthread.php?t=260580 10k USD Deposit

    We do have an API , write to PM / Jabber

    Accepting BTC,LTC
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    Villa Verified Seller 47diamond's Avatar
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    Feb 2023
    US_7_FEB_8 On Sale , Refund:Ticket Only , 273 CCs
    US_7_FEB_7 On Sale , Refund:Ticket Only , 602 CCs
    US_7_FEB_6 On Sale , Refund:Ticket Only , 806 CCs
    US_7_FEB_5 On Sale , Refund:Ticket Only , 686 CCs
    US_7_FEB_4 On Sale , Refund:Ticket Only , 498 CCs
    US_7_FEB_3 On Sale , Refund:Ticket Only , 833 CCs
    MIX_7_FEB On Sale , Refund:Ticket Only , 147 CCs
    US_7_FEB_2 On Sale , Refund:Ticket Only , 125 CCs
    AU_7_FEB On Sale , Refund:10 mins , 414 CCs
    US_7_FEB On Sale , Refund:Ticket Only , 410 CCs
    I used to be a jewel thief

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