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Thread: Bitcoin

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    I neeeeed some bitcoin to get a couple accounts to get me rolling... Someone direct me to a place i can earn btc online?

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    CardVilla Kidz rooewi's Avatar
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    Jan 2021
    To understand the topic of investments, including cryptocurrencies, you first need to get a theoretical base. Therefore, if this area is interesting, then I can recommend an educational project. The training is conducted by practicing investors with their own business.
    If this is not interesting and you want to buy cryptocurrency as soon as possible, then I advise you the Switchere service. I'm sure there will be forum users here who Buy crypto on Switchere.
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    CardVilla Kidz scottshah's Avatar
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    May 2022
    If I have already invested in cryptocurrencies (mostly bitcoin) and now I have transferred these coins to my cold wallet. how long until i can withdraw from blockchain? or can I do it immediately

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