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What Methods stilling hitting in the U.S?

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    What Methods stilling hitting in the U.S?

    I am fairly new to scamming but have basic knowledge as I am not new to dark web and have read a few fraud bibles but they are usually very lacking in knowledge besides anything carding related. I know a few things. How plastics and dumps use to work (blank plastics) and more recent methods for non blank plastics, most of check sauce except how to get valid check grub. I know what I need to write plastics. I know how to hit for money orders (I know its not very profitable right now and way more risky since a lot of people burned high amounts). I have heard about taxes but can't really figure out how that one works either yet. Also heard about account logs and have access to them would be nice to know how to use them since I cant do shit with them right now. If someone could tell me other methods could probably figure it out on my own like the rest of this shit after I have at least a basis. Also Any information on account logs would be nice and how to use them.

    But I have also have a few questions:

    1) Are there any other methods? You don't have to give them to me, just wanna know what else I could use besides cc's for example?

    2) Do plastics/ dumps still even hit in the U.S.? Because some people I have seen say it is a way to get arrested easily now. Is that just if you don't know what you are doing? Do they only hit in store or also at Atm's?

    3) How the fuck do I get check grub? Can I buy it? or do I have to finesse it?

    4) Where do i get check and card writing software? Can I just find it the clear net?
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