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How to load prepaid cards

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    Fire How to load prepaid cards

    BELOW IS A STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL ON HOW TO LOAD PREPAID CARDS.. I used Huntington bank log with email access,.. follow tut below

    When u login a Huntington bank login for the first time , they will ask for code to be sent to phone number or email attached, choose email and let them send code to email access

    Once u enter the verification code from email, this the next page , click on “I’M ON A PRIVATE DEVICE. YES PLEASE REGISTER”. so they won’t ask for code again

    Then u enter the account dashboard

    Click on “PAYMENT” and then click on “PAY BILLS”

    Click on “ADD NEW PAYEE”

    When u click on ADD PAYEE, you will be given option to input Name, Number, Account Number and Routine Number

    Now this where the interesting part comes in

    Login into your Prepaid Card ... Vanilla card, BlueBird, Greendot,Walmart Card are all types of prepaid cards

    Once u login the prepaid card .. click on “DIRECT DEPOSIT”.. that where u will get the account number and routine number of the prepaid card to receive money

    Ok so back to the Huntington

    This where the account number and routine number of the prepaid card can be found, so u just copy and paste it somewhere

    U will input the account and routine number of your prepaid card here.. and click on “CONTINUE”

    Click on “ADD PAYEE” to add the prepaid card info to the log

    Payee has successfully being added ✅ ✅

    Pay the Bill now.. when u done filling the infos , click on “CONTINUE”

    Review payment and then click on “CONFIRM PAYMENT”

    After you are done clicking , this is the final page.. your transfer is now Successfully sent ‼️‼️‼️

    In just two days time, the money will enter your prepaid card ✅ .. apart from this method , no other method can be used to load prepaid card online , Mark it anywhere ‼️

    For more tutorials with full admin support subscribe to VIP memberIMG_20200804_034945_722.jpg

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    Thanks for info bro

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