View Full Version : Sell installs mix world,europe,usa 24/7

02-09-2024, 02:30 PM
To purchase Installs you will be able to enter your personal cabinet

Refill your balance

Choose the desired country and quantity

Add your direct link to the echo

what do you get ?

1 convenience you don't have to wait for a seler to buy.

2 regular automatic scanning of detects

3 possibility to purchase automatic crypto [ on request to technical support via chat on the site or in jabber ]

price list [full price list can be found in my personal cabinet ]

mix world = 80$ 1k

mix europe = 300$ 1k

usa - 1500$ 1k

The list of countries will be supplemented on availability of free streams contact support chat or contacts below

Full list of tariffs in your personal cabinet in the tasks section

Personal cabinet for shopping


https://installs.shop // reserve

http://2l5uzddalmzsb747yha4wac733atybuqugsmh7es5fslptlk3v 2nsgad.onion/

Contact support:

jabber: [email protected]


Worth anti-spam plugin in jabber answer correctly and you will be able to contact me

Always ask for verification in pm if you are not sure if you are talking to me.