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Card Villa Rules

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    Owner & Founder AnG3L's Avatar
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    Jul 2017

    Card Villa Rules

    Hello all members and fellow ******s we have made this new forum to provide new facility for fellow ******s to learn things online but their are rules to follow

    1: If you want to join this forum then keep contributing by posting things
    2: No third party links allowed here
    3: All unverified seller must contact admin before start selling or they face Ban
    4: Admin has all right to Ban and Delete any user if they violate rules

    Admin can change or add any rules before any prior notice


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    Yes Sir, Thanks for the info.

  3. ShadowCarders

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    Understood, I'll keep that in mind.

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    CardVilla Kidz deems's Avatar
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    Nov 2021
    ok understand

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    CardVilla Kidz esp's Avatar
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    Jan 2022
    someone paypal transfer?

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    CardVilla Kidz MADDNZ's Avatar
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    Jan 2022
    Sounds good ready for legit business

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    CardVilla Kidz hacariy3's Avatar
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    Jan 2022
    you bro i got you just text me on Telegram;@Richweeb2 so that we can and make real deal Thank you ?

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